Ali R.

Have eaten here monthly for 4 years. Have mostly ate in, but frequently order out now too! Fun and friendly staff. Fabulous foods! I get the loaded tater tots. It’s amazing and delish. Love the decor on the inside of the place. Family kinda place

Meagan R.

I get serious cravings for this place, like I do right now. Their philly is the best I’ve ever had! If you’re feeling extra glutinous get your fries loaded with cheese and ranch. Sometimes you have to wait awhile, sometimes it’s really quick. I promise you one thing. It’s always worth it. I always get… Continue reading Meagan R.

Bobby G.

Ordered a large philly and coke. Came out to $10 and change. Showed up late around 9pm. The beef was cooked to order and juicy. Bread was fresh and fluffy and the cheese was rich and gooey. No complaints about the sandwich. Also the coke was huge so I didn’t even have to ask for… Continue reading Bobby G.